What is the BCCM?

The BCCM is an institut of the Faculty of CB at the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida in Germany. It is partner for institutions and corporations of the finance- and real economy as well as politics and the political system.

Beside the creation of tailored degree programs which aim to provide skilled personnel, research and transfer projects belong to our topics. Another main task of this competence center is to initiate start-ups.


  • Make risks and potentials assessable,
  • Issue best practices for economy and politics,
  • Develop interfaces to existing and future processes in the economy and society,
  • Foster the technology transfer towards the economy and institutions,
  • Educate personnel for the regional economy.


  • Blockchain applications in the real economy,
  • Blockchain applications in the financial sector,
  • New Blockchain based business concepts,
  • Guidelines and standing orders of digital value streams for treasury,
  • Financial and economic technology assessments,
  • Digital safety of applications,
  • Regional opportunities in a digital world.

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