The city of Mittweida, Volksbank Mittweida eG and Mittweida University of Applied Sciences are jointly pursuing the goal of developing the Mittweida region into a showcase for blockchain technology as part of the WIR! program of the BMBF. The funding phase is five years (2019 to the end of 2023).

The focus of the initiative is on piloting blockchain-based applications within industrial and public business processes. This is to be implemented in particular through collaborative implementation with the regional economy, networking of regional and supra-regional players, and the participation of the local population. Through the strengths of the three alliance partners, the short decision-making processes and the high speed of implementation in the region, the potential of blockchain technology is thus to be put into practice. The long-term goal is to create numerous jobs in the region through the settlement or university spin-offs of startups. Further information can be found here.

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