Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)

Blockchain technology will be the encryption base for digital value streams and digital document management of the future.

Counterfeit-proof digital evidence paves the way from the Internet of digital copies in which we now work to the Internet of digital originals and assets. Blockchain technology forms for example, the accounting base for the Internet of Things and for the sharing economyIt enables digital identity management, digital currency handling, micropayment models, and secure digital documentation of transactions, decisions, and processesThus, it is expected to massively change the state, the financial economy and the real economy, but also society in unprecedented ways.

This forward-looking development requires in-depth training of students. In particular, graduates of Bachelor courses such as Applied Computer Science, Media Informatics and General and Digital Forensics should be given the opportunity to further qualify themselves in a targeted manner.

Depending on the requirements, students may specialize either in the technical field (Mathematics & Computer Science) or rather in the business-related field (Law & Risk Management).

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