The Blockchain is on track to emerge as the cryptographic foundation of digital value transfers in future. This will change the political system, the financial system, and the real economy dramatically. Tamper proof digital evidence clears the path from the internet of copies towards the internet of digital originals.

In order to participate in this (r)evolution, the Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida (located in Germany) builds up competences in research, education, incubation and technology transfer. During the industrialization, the region Middle Saxony (in the eastern part of Germany) benefited from its competence in mechanical engineering. In times of the upcoming digital revolution, IT-skills become necessary. Thanks to the foundation of a competence centre for blockchain technology urgently needed competences can be built up in this region. We pursue the vision making Middle Saxony a showcase region for Blockchain-based applications. We aim to gain visibility beyond state and country borders.

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