Research & Development

Blockchain Forschung

Our research projects

Ongoing and upcoming Blockchain R&D projects:

  • Blockchain showcase region Mittweida (BMBF program WIR! Conception phase - from 04/2018
  • Analysis of propagation speed of blocks in the Blockchain,
  • Blockchain based communication layers for autonomous organisations,
  • Blockchain based data transfer for IoT in the construction industry (applied),
  • Ongoing student projects:
    • Blockchain based time recording,
    • Kilometer reading of cars in the Blockchain (second hand car market),
    • Blockchain based certificates (documents, testimonials,…),
    • Linking of Blockchain and machine learning,
  • Analysis of Bitcoin transaction within the transaction network (planned)
  • Federal Blockchain and state Blockchain (planned junior researcher group),
  • Blockchain client for mobile IoT-applications (in preparation),
  • Blockchain-based digital utilization of copyrights (start up).